In our VFX course, you may learn VFX (visual effectsfundamentals and move on to master the more advanced VFX techniques. Moreover, with technology being the driving force behind future lifestyles, the numerous opportunities available worldwide make it clear that learning VFX courses is advantageous.

Become a part of the rapidly expanding VFX business, which these days is essential to practically every movie. The need for skilled experts in visual effects is expanding quickly. At Rays VFX Academy, we provide VFX courses (visual effects course) that teach you the fundamentals and technical skills necessary to become a great VFX artist while also introducing you to industry-specific applications such as Silhouette, Nuke, Mocha, and many more.

Course duration 400 hours (Divided over 6 months). It has 6 modules. Enroll now to Learn the VFX course !!


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6


For VFX artists, the options are almost limitless. Nearly all games and movies you can imagine now include visual effects, and numerous firms worldwide are on the lookout for exceptional creators.

Handsome Remuneration, Instant Job offers, the opportunity to work on an International level, the rapid growth of VFX industry, a dignified role in popular films/creations, Freedom of artistic expression etc. are some of the benefits of learning VFX.

For beginners it may start from around 8k-15k and once you gain experience, you can gain up to 20-30 lakhs depending on your talent.

The recent release Shakuntalam, Vikrant Rona, Street Dancer, 2.0 (Enthiran 2), Rudrammadevi, Magadheera, Pulimurugan etc are our prominent Indian 3D works. Mostly we do Hollywood projects that include Dam 999, Piranha, Vampire Dog, Arthur, Firestorm etc.

Rays 3D company is a veteran VFX and 3D animation company with 12+ years of expertise in the field.

We focus on practical sessions more than theoretical classes. Although, both will be delivered as per the strategy.

During the 6-month duration, a total of 6 modules will be provided allotting a module for each month.

VFX course extends to the duration of 6 months.

Yes. We ensure 100% job guarantee for all the candidates who successfully complete the course.

The overall course fee for 6 months will be 90k (GST excluded)

Those who successfully complete the course will be placed in the Rays 3D Animation and VFX Company.

VFX artist is responsible for creating the visual effects you see nearly every day in TV, games, movies etc

Both English and the native language (Malayalam) will be used as the medium of instruction.

Total class hours will be 3 hours.

Completion of Plus two/degree is the required minimum qualification

Academy provides the Advanced Image Society’s (AIS Hollywood) certificate after the completion of the course. AIS

Artistic taste, cognitive and imaginative mind, problem-solving skills Brainstorming/group discussion skills, keen observation, soft skills,
Patience are some of the expected skills of a VFX artist.

Academy doesn’t provide accommodation but private hostels are available near the vicinity.

Yes. There’ll be classes every Saturday.

VFX Course full form is Visual Effects Course

VFX is a process used in filmmaking and video production to create imagery that can't be captured in live-action filmmaking

The Course is 400 Hours

Yes. Students will have exposure to studio experiences.

Anyone with an artistic sense and aesthetic taste can be a VFX artist.

Yes. We take care of them with utmost care without showing any kind of differentiation.

Yes, yet it depends on the nature of the disability.

VFX artists are high in demand all around the globe and they’re constantly in search of talented artists who have the potential for that they’re ready to pay a handsome amount of money as achieving the target output is the ultimate aim.

Yes. Modules and lessons are strategically designed to cover all the topics including practical sessions within 6 months.

Yes. The future of the film industry will be incomplete without VFX. Nowadays even realistic films use VFX’s help to improve cinematography.

India is one of the VFX industry’s largest markets. The outsourcing of VFX artists also takes place more in India. The demand for talented VFX artists is and always will be high in India.

Modules and strategies are designed in a way that beginners will be able to grasp the lessons much easier.

Yes. The trainers are dedicated to upskill the students to mould them into the best artists in the industry.

No. 3D and Animation are entirely different from VFX procedures

No. Both are different and has entirely different procedures

 Our lab is well-equipped for students to conduct regular practical sessions.

Yes. Demo classes are available prior joining.

No. Institute is situated in the kernel of Ernakulam town where public transport is ubiquitously available.

It’s good to have sketching skills but not mandatory.

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