The worldwide interest and acceptance of animated movies, cartoons, TV series etc has only increased over the years and so does the demand for talented animators. Rays Animation offers 2D and 3D Animation courses that will bring you the opportunity to explore your hidden talents


Rays Animation consists of a team of Animation experts. We are invested in finding the untapped student potential, building, shaping and raising them to international standards through the well-designed syllabus and lab experiences.


Our aim is to introduce 2D and 3D Animation courses to aspiring students by upskilling them to be high-end animators and artists. Accordingly, our team of experts designed the course and syllabus on the most updated technological grounds to make our students prepared to perform internationally.


The demand for animation content is currently very high. In fact, a single project would require up to 200-300 animators which paves the way for a lot of job prospects. Animation is one of those industries that brings the most sought-after, lucrative, and challenging employment possibilities.


Do you want to use creativity and innovation to bring tales to life? Get your dream job in animation without going through complicated procedures. You might make a terrific candidate for Rays Animation Academy. We’ll guide you throughout the course, discuss what you’ll learn, and the specialisations and occupations you can choose from in this field.




The number of new positions for animators increases by around 12% yearly. Regardless of the country’s economic situation, this graph will continue to rise. Evidently, one industry that never suffers from a recession is entertainment. An excellent animated television show or movie is constantly in demand.


As already mentioned, enrolling in a course results in a professional certificate that has a lot of value. But in addition to that, you also get to learn a great deal about the industry’s knowledge base. You will be able to discover many priceless ideas from this place.


After the expert training, using the Animation tools will be smoother and easier. It is a golden chance for expressing yourself that will be reflected as a signature in the art you create. By obtaining training from excellent teachers and learning in an educational environment, students are moulded for the highly-competitive industry. 

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You can intimate us of your interest through a direct phone call, WhatsApp message, website contact form, direct walk-in etc. Once we receive your interest, we’ll contact you shortly. You’ll also receive a free demo class prior to joining.


    Animation Director • Animator • Art Director • CG Supervisor • Character Designer • Video Game Animator ( Artist, Designer, Engineer, Producer, Programmer etc) • Concept Artist


    There was a time back then when artists exhibit their talent only under the grounds of ‘Art for Art’s sake’, suggesting nothing else can be expected from Art. But the Animation and VFX industry totally overthrew this image of an artist who is often portrayed as a respected person but of lesser affluence. Indeed, Animation is the best career an artist can choose as it makes the optimum use of his/her abilities. The never-ending flow of job opportunities suggests the increase in demand for Animators making it one of the most highly-paid jobs across the globe


    Creative Director • Effects Designer • Environment Designer • Layout Artists • Layout Technical Director • Modeling Supervisor • Modeling TD • Pre-Vis Artist • Production Assistant • Rigging Supervisor • Rigging TD • Shading TD • Shading/Texture Supervisor • Texture Artist • Video Game Technical Director • Visual Effects Supervisor

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