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AIS Hollywood Certified VFX Course in India

Rays VFX Academy is an outcome-driven VFX institute. Certified faculty offers students a well-designed curriculum that prepares them for the real world. Our mission is to skill India’s untapped & underutilized talent and to train them for some of the most in-demand jobs in the imaging field.

Our VFX institute, teaching VFX animation courses programs simulates a real-world industry environment as closely as possible. Hands-on practical training in a VFX studio-like environment using state-of-the-art software and technologies standardized by the Industry.

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    Why Choose Rays VFX Academy

    Our VFX institute ensures an amiable learning environment and the extensive practical sessions with live-studio experiences enable them to be potential competitors in the vigorously developing industry. We use the latest and modern, ultra-updated software and other enhanced technologies to provide training to the students. Our qualified faculty team ensures the overall development of the students while moulding them as talented VFX artists of this country.

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    Hollywood Lumiere Award Winners

    Rays3D is the only VFX Company in Asia to have won the Prestigious Hollywood Lumiere Awards for Technology. We are the pioneers of Glass-less 3D technology in India.

    Learn directy from the Industry Experts

    Rays VFX Academy is solely run by our VFX Studio. Students are directly exposed to the modern VFX Industry standards of working.

    More than a Decade of Expertise

    Rays VFX has been in the industry for more than 12 years. We have worked on numerous Hollywood, Bollywood & Regional Movies.


    Rays VFX Academy is an outcome-driven VFX institute endowed with advanced dynamic studio environments and a strategic curriculum well designed by certified faculties. Evolved from the parent company Rays 3D, the pioneers in the 3D Animation and VFX industry with 12+ years of Hollywood/Bollywood/ regional movie expertise and awarded by AIS Hollywood for excellence in 3D, Rays VFX Academy was developed as AIS granted Rays3D the authority to run the certificate training programme for students under the AIS banner.


    Our mission is to discover and develop India’s underutilised talent and prepare them for the most sought-after positions in the visual effects industry. We aim to mould aspiring talented VFX artists to make them independent earners. We’ve employed more than 1000 candidates and were honoured by Kerala Government (in 2015) for our contribution to the self-employment sector.

    Our certified faculties are well-equipped with a meticulous syllabus that prepares them for the rapidly growing VFX industry. Exposure to studio experiences and practicals with the latest software will help them to set high standards.

    We implement practical live sessions conducted in a setting similar to a VFX studio and utilise cutting-edge tools and technology standardised by the sector.



    We believe that potential is evenly distributed across Indian society, but opportunity is not. Rays VFX Academy is democratizing education with the goal to unlock India’s human potential by making our education system outcome driven along with our vision of creating a sustainable talent pool of creative visual effect graduates to meet the overwhelming demand for professionally trained artists in the IMAGING industry, thereby helping to position India as a leader in the global media and entertainment services sector.


    Our motto is to introduce the VFX aspirants to a strategically designed VFX Course in a new model of higher education in which we, Rays VFX Academy, invest in our student’s future and success.

    The demand for skilled specialists in visual effects is rising significantly. At Rays VFX Academy, to meet this demand, we intend to offer courses that introduce them to industry-specific software like Silhouette, Nuke, Mocha, and many others while also teaching them the principles and technical abilities required to become a successful VFX artist.


    Our qualified team, with several months of planning and research, designed the VFX course modules that cover all the techniques with ease in 6 months. We implement practical live sessions conducted in a setting similar to a VFX studio and utilise cutting-edge tools and technology standardised by the sector.

    Rays VFX Academy provides VFX courses to simulate a real-world industry environment as closely as possible.


    If you’re interested to join, reach us through our website contact form, WhatsApp message or a direct phone call and you’ll receive back a response from us.  Once we confirm the candidate’s eligibility, the student will get a free consultation and demo class at their discretion. After a few simple and speedy procedures, students will be required to pay the fees and they’ll be admitted to the course without further delay.